If my mother doesn't love me, THEN WHO WILL?

Sandra Mikulic is the brain child behind the 'Run Your Life' Magazine which is a tribute to women all over the world taking their power back and truly 'running' their lives! 

Sandra reached out to me a few months ago & I knew it was a perfect fit when she referred to the quote from the book The Body keeps the Score - 

" use your body to have visceral experiences that contradict the helplessness and rage you feel "

And as you know, my life motto is -

"get the issues out of your tissues"

So it was perfect alignment! 

Please follow this link to purchase the book: https://www.runyourlife.ca/shop/p/run-your-life-magazine-issue-3-print 

You'll find my story on page 13 which is also such serendipity as the spiritual meaning of the number 13 can be seen as a cycle of endings and rebirth. This number is also considered to be deeply karmic and loaded with divine feminine energy. This makes it a number of intuition and wisdom and one that encourages personal growth and getting on the right path in life.


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