Trauma in the Genitals?

We are such a pleasure-shaming culture.

We champion the idea of work-hard-play-hard, so when you start to feel good, you ask yourself,

‘Am I worthy of this?'

'Did I earn it? Did I do enough to please my partner to feel this good? I shouldn’t feel this good. . . so I'm going to shut it down.'

In my own sexual healing journey, healing from societal, cultural and religious shame, I have realised that there is a strong connection between these two things:

The more pleasure I allow myself in the bedroom, the more pleasure I allow myself in life, in general.

And I suppose the opposite is true as well, a woman who doesn’t have or allow herself to orgasm probably isn’t a very happy, blissful woman and probably doesn’t truly enjoy her life.

When you have been traumatised and hurt for so long, you think and believe that your normal state is a state of pain/worry/hurt but

this world and life are for enjoying. 

And of course, men go through it too.

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