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Mother Wound Healing (Healing from Maternal Rejection)
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Mother Wound Healing (Healing from Maternal Rejection)

Holisticali Me
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I help Adult Daughters heal from lost nurturance, neglect, protection and guidance from their mothers.

Healing your mother wound does not necessarily mean healing the relationship with your mother. It's more about healing the relationship you created with yourself as a result of the relationship you had with your mother. I will help you reclaim your birth right to peace and happiness after a lifetime of struggling with the harmful relationship between yourself & your mother.

People who have the mother wound demonstrate at least one or more of the following signs: 

  • Low self-worth.
  • Consistently feeling "not enough” or “too much.”
  • Eating disorders: bingeing, excessive exercise, etc.
  • Finding children’s tantrums and crying very distressing.
  • An inability to fully rest or relax.
  • Sometimes inexplicable triggers to sights, sounds, smells, objects, people, body language, etc.
  • Feeling responsible for the happiness of others.
  • Negative self-talk.
  • Persistent feelings of guilt or shame.
  • Fear of abandonment.
  • Dismissing or invalidating your own feelings.
  • Dismissing or invalidating your own needs.
  • Negative body image.
  • Numbing out or dissociating from your feelings.
  • People-pleasing.
  • Opening up either too quickly or too slowly to new people.
  • History of unfulfilling or even abusive relationships.
  • Fear and avoidance of conflict.
  • Treatment-resistant depression, CPTSD, panic disorder or anxiety.
  • Unrelenting exhaustion or overwhelm.
  • Self-attenuation (i.e. “playing small”)
  • Addiction to alcohol, vaping, shopping, sex, etc.
  • Difficulty maintaining boundaries. 


45min 1:1 Video Call

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I am not a registered Psychotherapist or Psychologist. If you think that your mental state requires clinical supervision, please contact a registered psychotherapist or psychologist. 


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